Problem: So I’ve decided to turn off compression(My Computer -> Select a Drive -> Right Click “Properties”) to speed up my computer. Compression saves disk space but it seems to slow down my computer whenever it’s accessing massive amount of files.

I was prompted to restart my PC so I did, I was then greeted by an error that says:


Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to Restart


There are 4 (possible) fix for this problem.

Option #1: Boot from your Windows Vista DVD and select Repair your Computer -> Startup Repair.
Option #2: Boot from your Windows Vista DVD and select Repair your Computer -> Command Prompt, execute the following commands: bootrec /fixboot bootrec /fixmbr Reboot.
Option #3: At the prompt to select your OS installation, click the button that says ‘Load Drivers’. This should bring up a explorer-style drive browser.Then just right-click on the drive you tried to compress, and deselect ‘Compress this Drive’, which should still be ticked on. Hit apply, and apply to subfolders/files. Reboot.
Option #4: Boot from your Windows Vista DVD and select Repair your Computer -> Command Prompt, in the command prompt, execute the following commands by typing them and pressing enter for each line: c: expand bootmgr temp attrib bootmgr -s -r -h del bootmgr ren temp bootmgr attrib bootmgr -a +s +r +h Reboot.(If the 2nd line fail, go back to 1st line and replace C with the drive letter of where your windows is installed.) -OR- execute the following where C is where your windows is installed: (thank you Liviu from for sending this in) compact /U C:\bootmgr compact /U C:\ntldr

That’s it! Hope that helped you out.

How to: A beginner’s expert guide on blogging your way to the top.

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After writing my 6th post, i’ve decided that i’m now an expert blogger. This is a beginner’s expert guide on blogging your way to the top.

Hey, look. Isn’t that a great idea of yours that have just passed through? Ideas flashes in an instant so it’s only natural that you could forget it just as fast – this is always a bad thing because that idea that you let passed through you? That could’ve been “the” post that could’ve made you an instant hit.

Drafting your ideas should be your #1 priority. This writing as of now is an idea that suddenly popped out of nowhere while writing a blog about a game. Ideas usually comes up in the weirdest times(and places) so make sure you’re always ready for it. Whenever that happens, I stop whatever I’m doing, fire up my notepad and start writing right away. One idea leads to another so don’t break it up by letting any of those ideas pass through. So draft, save and continue editing it in a later date. Before you know it, that little idea of yours has already become a very interesting blog on it’s own. This is one of the key to having many things to blog about in the future.

Chop ’em down Sometimes even a well written post can be very exhausting when it’s too long. Break your posts down by sections or find a way to split some parts into an entire different post if its possible.

It’s all about quality of the content… How you write your content is very important. If you get a lot of visitor hits or traffic but your content is mediocre then it won’t matter, you are just turning them off and making them vow not to visit anything related to your website again, so take some time, grabe a coffee and polish your content. Getting visitors is one thing but keeping them is another.

… and the blog title How do you invite a visitor to read your content? That’s the job of your blog title, it’s the door that seperates the visitors from the blog itself. Placing a very uninteresting title is like putting a "Do not disturb" sign so make your title really stand out, read it over a couple of times and think: "If im a regular reader, will I find this title interesting?".

Nothing personal, you’re just becoming too personal. Hey let’s face it, unless all visitors are friends and relatives, personal blogs about ourselves is just plain too uninteresting. I won’t be getting as much hits as I have now if my blogs is all about what I’ve done during my vacation, what I got for my birthday or whatever, no one cares. But don’t let me get you too worked up here, personal blogging is a-ok! just avoid having too many, unless you can make them very interesting. If personal blogging is more of your thing then you might want to try twitting instead.

Reach a wider audience by sticking to a certain theme and creating an online persona. Setting a certain category or theme to your blog will put some interests into your links and post. A reader from google who found you through a keyword for Technology might not be interested to click your recent posts about cultures or cooking, stick to a few themes and all your posts will now be related to each other, which your readers might find interesting. A wider audience is good but if you become too diverse, you will lose more readers than usual. If you prefer to blog about anything, then a very good way of attracting your users is through an online persona(build your own character, create a style of writing, cosplay, act) and carry it throughout your posts. Chances are, people will subscribe to you because they find how you write very interesting or entertaining.

Do something special or unique. What makes your blog super-special? Exclusive contents of course! Contents that you can’t find anywhere but yours. Do something very original! did you a create a cool application? are you a beta tester of an upcoming hyped up game? Did you discover the meaning of life? or perhaps you made an awesome video? then blog about it.

Get your name out there. Explore, Connect. Be part of communities, participate in forums. Post a smart or helpful comment in other people’s blogs. Help people in IRCs. Join social networking websites. Getting your name out there by participating and being part of a large community is sure fire way of getting good traffic.

Share anything useful. Have you finally found the solution to a problem that’s been plaguing you for quite some time now? If you had this problem then chances are, someone else is having the same problem as yours right? Make things easier for other troubled users by blogging about it.

Motivate yourself. Getting addicted to blogging, or writing content is of course, the most important part to blogging. Installing WordPress Stats, Google Analytics, Woopra, CrazyEgg or myBlogLog to keep track of your visitors Sources(where they come from), Unique Visitors and what search keywords they used to get to your site is a great way of motivating yourself.

People are People. They have other important things to attend to as well. I respect my readers and their valuable time – that’s why I always have something in the start of my post detailing what they’re about to read to save them the trouble of going through the content only to find out what they’re looking for isn’t there.

Get Addicted to Blogging, Do a lot of Drafts, Have a lot of fun, and most importantly have a lot of heart

How to: Save the World.

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It’s not a misconception. It’s true, we can save the world by ridding the world of IE6. You can help!

Kill Upgrade Internet Explorer 6. Save the World.

In fact an entire nation is already joining the cause to prevent further casualties. Some users are about to kill, others are dying and only a few is doing something about it. How about you? Where do you stand? How can you be a part of this perfect utopia we are all dreaming of? If you’re a web developer then you can find out how in this link. WordPress owners can install this plugin im using or you may also opt for it’s more forceful cousin. If you’re an artist then you probably know what to do.

Oh and if that didn’t got you convinced, even Microsoft is joining the cause.

Update: I’m truly honored! Looks like my post got to the list of websites who’s part of the Stop IE6 Movement. Although, I hope all the websites listed there have an Internet Explorer 6 Upgrade popup similar to this website installed. Simply ranting about how IE6 sucks isn’t good anymore! I urge everyone to up the ante!

Note: This title’s name is formerly Save the world by upgrading Internet Explorer 6 but i’ve decided that Save the world is a plain more interesting.

How to: Earn money by Adding a Paypal Donate button in 3 Easy Steps

Adding a paypal donate button is a great way to earn and motivate yourself.

All you need is a Paypal account (even a personal account would do) and a website.

  1. First, login to your Paypal account.
  2. Click on Merchant Services and look for a Donations link (You can find It in the Key Features box)
  3. That’s it! Fill in the forms and click the Create Button Now, copy and paste the generated html code to your website.

For WordPress users, you can simply copy and paste the generated code inside a Text Widget(WordPress Admin -> Widgets) to have your donation appear in your sidebar.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Can’t find the donations link? Click on the image below. where-is-the-paypal-donate-button

and here are some good Paypal Donation Buttons that you can use (right click and save!)


p style=”text-align: center;”>Paypal Donate! Paypal Donate! Paypal Donate! Paypal Donate!Paypal Donate! Paypal Donate!

Note: All credits belong to their respective owners.


p style=”text-align: center;”>

How to fix: WordPress Admin keeps on Auto Refreshing

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I have this annoying problem with my wordpress admin when adding or editting a new post, it just keeps on refreshing!

After a few search, i’ve stumbled upon this post. It seems that the problem occurs when you have firebug or the gears plugin enabled. After disabling it, im still getting the same results so i’ve tried restarting Firefox instead and bingo! it works. From the looks of things, the problem occurs when you have a Firefox update pending so restarting your browser is the simple fix.

Yahoo Messenger 9 Standalone, Offline Installer

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There are times when your only option is to download the local standalone offline version of Yahoo Messenger 9.

You can easily download the latest standalone, offline installer for YM 9 by going through this link: US: PH:

Tip: If you want to download from a different country (for ex: Canada), simply change the 2 country codes in the end of the website url to your country code(in this case it’s ca for Canada): TO:

How to fix any Yahoo Messenger Web Installer related problems. The preferred method of installation is through the Yahoo messenger web installer. This is the default installer that you can get in Yahoo. In some cases, there would be hiccups that will prevent you from installing YM in your machine. The most common reason is when your Firewall is preventing the web installer from downloading the required files. An easy solution is to stop or disable your antivirus firewall(if any) and your windows firewall temporarily. You can disable your antivirus by right-clicking on it’s icon on your system tray(found on the bottom right, besides the clock) and clicking Shutdown, Stop, Disable or anything similar. Windows Firewall can be disabled by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall and turning it off from there, don’t forget that you have firewall disabled which means your computer is vulnerable and can be infected during this state so it’s highly recommended you don’t do anything else(Yes, even browsing) until installation is done. When it’s finished, it’s time to re-enable your firewalls, this can be done in a similar fashion as to how you disabled them.

Another method is to configure your firewall to allow the web installer to download the required files instead of shutting your firewall completely.

Online Alternatives Of course, if you can’t install it to the computer you are using and you really need to login, then there are some online alternatives that works like YM itself; Simply login your yahoo account in any of the following: Meebo, Yahoo Web Messenger or Chikka and start chatting right away.

You can also chat with your cellphone through a multiplatform cellphone app called Fring or go to yahoo and check out the other platforms there.

If you are a chat person with many different IM accounts (Jabber, MSN, AOL, etc) then I would _highly_ recommend you to try one of these multiple IM applications: Pidgin, Adium(Macintosh Only) or Digsby