How to: A beginner’s expert guide on blogging your way to the top.

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After writing my 6th post, i’ve decided that i’m now an expert blogger. This is a beginner’s expert guide on blogging your way to the top.

Hey, look. Isn’t that a great idea of yours that have just passed through? Ideas flashes in an instant so it’s only natural that you could forget it just as fast – this is always a bad thing because that idea that you let passed through you? That could’ve been “the” post that could’ve made you an instant hit.

Drafting your ideas should be your #1 priority. This writing as of now is an idea that suddenly popped out of nowhere while writing a blog about a game. Ideas usually comes up in the weirdest times(and places) so make sure you’re always ready for it. Whenever that happens, I stop whatever I’m doing, fire up my notepad and start writing right away. One idea leads to another so don’t break it up by letting any of those ideas pass through. So draft, save and continue editing it in a later date. Before you know it, that little idea of yours has already become a very interesting blog on it’s own. This is one of the key to having many things to blog about in the future.

Chop ’em down Sometimes even a well written post can be very exhausting when it’s too long. Break your posts down by sections or find a way to split some parts into an entire different post if its possible.

It’s all about quality of the content… How you write your content is very important. If you get a lot of visitor hits or traffic but your content is mediocre then it won’t matter, you are just turning them off and making them vow not to visit anything related to your website again, so take some time, grabe a coffee and polish your content. Getting visitors is one thing but keeping them is another.

… and the blog title How do you invite a visitor to read your content? That’s the job of your blog title, it’s the door that seperates the visitors from the blog itself. Placing a very uninteresting title is like putting a "Do not disturb" sign so make your title really stand out, read it over a couple of times and think: "If im a regular reader, will I find this title interesting?".

Nothing personal, you’re just becoming too personal. Hey let’s face it, unless all visitors are friends and relatives, personal blogs about ourselves is just plain too uninteresting. I won’t be getting as much hits as I have now if my blogs is all about what I’ve done during my vacation, what I got for my birthday or whatever, no one cares. But don’t let me get you too worked up here, personal blogging is a-ok! just avoid having too many, unless you can make them very interesting. If personal blogging is more of your thing then you might want to try twitting instead.

Reach a wider audience by sticking to a certain theme and creating an online persona. Setting a certain category or theme to your blog will put some interests into your links and post. A reader from google who found you through a keyword for Technology might not be interested to click your recent posts about cultures or cooking, stick to a few themes and all your posts will now be related to each other, which your readers might find interesting. A wider audience is good but if you become too diverse, you will lose more readers than usual. If you prefer to blog about anything, then a very good way of attracting your users is through an online persona(build your own character, create a style of writing, cosplay, act) and carry it throughout your posts. Chances are, people will subscribe to you because they find how you write very interesting or entertaining.

Do something special or unique. What makes your blog super-special? Exclusive contents of course! Contents that you can’t find anywhere but yours. Do something very original! did you a create a cool application? are you a beta tester of an upcoming hyped up game? Did you discover the meaning of life? or perhaps you made an awesome video? then blog about it.

Get your name out there. Explore, Connect. Be part of communities, participate in forums. Post a smart or helpful comment in other people’s blogs. Help people in IRCs. Join social networking websites. Getting your name out there by participating and being part of a large community is sure fire way of getting good traffic.

Share anything useful. Have you finally found the solution to a problem that’s been plaguing you for quite some time now? If you had this problem then chances are, someone else is having the same problem as yours right? Make things easier for other troubled users by blogging about it.

Motivate yourself. Getting addicted to blogging, or writing content is of course, the most important part to blogging. Installing WordPress Stats, Google Analytics, Woopra, CrazyEgg or myBlogLog to keep track of your visitors Sources(where they come from), Unique Visitors and what search keywords they used to get to your site is a great way of motivating yourself.

People are People. They have other important things to attend to as well. I respect my readers and their valuable time – that’s why I always have something in the start of my post detailing what they’re about to read to save them the trouble of going through the content only to find out what they’re looking for isn’t there.

Get Addicted to Blogging, Do a lot of Drafts, Have a lot of fun, and most importantly have a lot of heart

Versus Mode: Soulja Boy vs Screwattack and the rest of the internets

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Ok if there’s something we really know Soulja Boy(Soldier Boy) of, besides his hit single: Crank dat(Superman), is how this kid knows how to use the Internets (Viral videos via youtube). W From the looks of things though his open challenged seems real enough (although some would argue that it’s a publicity stunt made for xbox 360). Now for everyone who don’t got any idea what started it all, be entertained as a group of video game nerds (Screwattack), representing all of the internets (and they have the rights to say so), gets their game on like destiny while using destiny 2 boosting to help them have a bit more of an advantage the the opposing team and accepted the open challenge, watch the following videos (chronologically ordered because I love you all awww):


httpv:// Lol, Pokemon? Soulja Bitch? This is why I love Screwattack.


and Soulja Boy’s response?



I’m not sure what happened after he accepted the challenge though (besides Soulja Boy deleting his acceptance challenge in his official website) :/, well one thing’s for sure Screwattack would have updated us if something did happen so it probably never did. Now that you’ve seen how cool the people over at Screwattack is then you might want to check some of their other cool stuffs as well.

Oh and here are some of Soulja Boy’s videos against that MTV guy:



httpv:// Lol. Classic button mashing? Sorry to break it to you.

Demigod vs DotA vs League of Legends

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Perhaps the most entertaining versus title ever, I’m here to pit Demigod, Defense of the Ancients and League of Legends (still unreleased) against each other.


Although Demigod borrows heavily from DotA’s gameplay (which is essentially a team of heroes pummeling each other until the mother structure of the opposing team is destroyed), a common misconception i’d like to clarify is Demigod isn’t DotA, the feeling of DotA is there but after a few games of playing it, you can see that it’s not. Play it like DotA and your team might falter, from that I’ll say Demigod is more team oriented than hero oriented. I have to say, after playing DotA for quite some years now, my ultimate goal for every game is to prevent enemy heroes from leveling up while shaping my character up to become a very powerful entity.

Buggy online multiplayer aside, my dislikes about Demigod stems from what I love in DotA, one thing the developers should fix is that psychological bind we DotA players have with DotA, you just can’t stop comparing it to DotA while playing, this is only natural as the reason why DotA players will play Demigod is because of that DotA gameplay element. Well to put things down in a more constructive manner, here are my thoughts:

  • It really bugs me that some Demigods feel like regular creeps, maybe because of the Demigod’s size. When everything is a battle between god-like beings, you are expecting grand spectacle whenever demigods are colliding.

  • Along with the sizes of some of the demigods, the health bars are also very small to notice, put that next to a bunch of creeps and it’s hardly noticable.

  • Some details to add depth to strategies. Details like what items the enemies are holding is missing, the game clock should be displayed on the top right at all times.

  • Online match is broken currently being fixed.

What Demigod got right.

With how things are right now, it seems that.

Why Demigod is not DotA.

Demigod is great. It’s really fun and doesn’t have much of that headache. It’s all about capturing the right flags and supporting your team. Practicing your hero isn’t really a problem as a single player mode is available, there are many

There’s just one real dislike about Demigod:

As things stands out, killing another demigod feels like a game of chance rather than strategy, you don’t have details about the items other Demigods are carrying and Life points are just too high to consider using math.

I haven’t taken other things like limited heroes(DotA started with just a few and LoL will be starting with 8), buggy online multiplayer but im sure it will be resolved soon by the passionate guys from Stardock.

Stardock Representative frogboy also interacts very well with the community and judging from his name’s similarity to DotA’s icefrog, this guy is definitely a DotA fan. It’s hard to argue that frogboy is one awesome fella and should be one of the reasons why you’ll love Stardock.

This page is under construction.


DotA is a very intense game, my words will never do justice on how intense every match in DotA is. If you don’t believe me, check out these videos. While Demigod is more team oriented, DotA is a game of precision where relaxing bares many consequences. Every move must be well thought.

Bottomline: DotA is not for the weak hearted.

Pros of DotA – Community Support, since it’s debut in 2003, DotA is still going strong with updates, features and fixes.

  • If there’s one thing I doubt

Cons of DotA – Imbalance, a lot of heroes and a lot of combination is available which is both a good thing and a bad thing, – Unfriendly to newcomers, Beginners and newbies beware,

League of Legends (LoL)

As of right now, League of Legends (LoL) is not released yet so I will only assume what it could be from the screenshots and videos posted in their official website, from the looks of things LoL is going to be very similar from DotA, it is going to be very interesting to see what happens when the DotA community splits up.

Im playing Demigod now because it’s a very fresh break from DotA. I have to admit, the real fight isn’t really about Demigod vs DotA but rather, DotA vs LoL and Demigod vs Starcraft DotA. Just think about it.

Versus Mode: The best free SMS services in the Philippines reviewed

Welcome to Versus Mode, a place where I pit only the strongest against each other. Today’s match is a battle for free online SMS supremacy: KuripoTxt vs Davao Directory SMS vs Chikka

Let’s kick things off with the ever popular sms service, Chikka.



Chikka is definitely the top dog when it comes to sending your SMS in the Philippines, there are two ways to send your messages: Chikka Software(which I won’t be discussing here) and Chikka’s Web-based Application.

Chikka’s interface resembles the feel of your usual IM application giving your that familiar feeling. Using it is very simple as well, simply register in their website, wait for your password from chikka and start sending messages right away. The only catch here is when you send your message for the first time your contact must reply to your chikka number in order for them to be registered, this is needed so they can continue receiving your next messages. A very notable feature of chikka allows you to login your other IM accounts as well (Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ) which may not be used much but is a welcomed feature nevertheless.

If you have relatives or friends abroad, Chikka also supports sending sms to the following countries: United States, Philippines, Guam, India, Hong Kong (Smart 1528 only), United Kingdom, Spain, Indonesia (XLcom only), Saipan and Italy.

* Replies to chikka costs php 2.50 per text


Using chikka is easy.



While just released, KuripoTxt is starting to get a name for itself because of it’s sheer simplicity and straightforwardness. Nope, no registration needed here, just visit the KuripoTxt site and start sending your messages! The catch? You can only send your messages to Globe users and a a 70 character limit. But again, in the end, KuripoTxt gets its job done.

Update: I have just received a word from KuripoTxt’s Developer and it looks like support for Smart users is on the way.

Davao Directory SMS


Would you like to send your messages with style? then Davao Directory SMS is for you, registration is optional, only being required when you need it’s phonebook features. When you visit their website, you will be greeted by a cellphone interface, simply navigate your way through the cellphone to access the different features: My Profile, Send SMS and My Phonebook. The interface is a very likable feature as it gives you that feel of navigating through a phone. Davao Directory SMS can send to multiple carriers such as Globe, Smart and Sun.

and now for the final verdict… the winner is…


These services are great for what they are, it’s only a matter of what you are needing most, if you want to send free messages fast and easy, go for KuripoTxt or DavaoDirectory SMS, if you are usually online most of the time then Chikka is the definitely the way to go.

Unfortunately, some of the other sms services didn’t make the cut since they (a) don’t work; or (b) receiving messages takes too long.