How to login as root or how to fix the permission problems when running su commands in WHM

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You can’t use the root user when SSH’ing to WHM but what you can do is issue a SU command once you’ve logged in with another user which isn’t root. On some occassions, you may encounter a no permission error when doing this.

Problem: Help! I can’t seem to login as root in whm so I need to do a SU command instead but i’m getting a permission error!

Answer: In your whm panel, access Security Center -> Manage Wheel Group Users and you will be able to assign the username to the group that allows SU

And that’s the solution to your problem!

Solution for Headers Already Sent problem in php scripts and frameworks

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Headers already sent issue?

Here’s how to fix one of the most common problems in frameworks and websites:

Problem: Help! i’m getting the errors and/or warnings – “Headers already sent!

Answer #1: Check the php files which are usually found in your headers(the ones which are loaded first, typically config.php) and look for extra spaces before your <?php start tag and spaces after ?> end tag. Delete them and voila! Problem Solved!

Answer #2: Check your header scripts(The first few lines of code) and make sure you’re not outputting anything(e.g: an echo, sprintf or a warning message) before using header.