Yahoo Messenger 9 Standalone, Offline Installer

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There are times when your only option is to download the local standalone offline version of Yahoo Messenger 9.

You can easily download the latest standalone, offline installer for YM 9 by going through this link: US: PH:

Tip: If you want to download from a different country (for ex: Canada), simply change the 2 country codes in the end of the website url to your country code(in this case it’s ca for Canada): TO:

How to fix any Yahoo Messenger Web Installer related problems. The preferred method of installation is through the Yahoo messenger web installer. This is the default installer that you can get in Yahoo. In some cases, there would be hiccups that will prevent you from installing YM in your machine. The most common reason is when your Firewall is preventing the web installer from downloading the required files. An easy solution is to stop or disable your antivirus firewall(if any) and your windows firewall temporarily. You can disable your antivirus by right-clicking on it’s icon on your system tray(found on the bottom right, besides the clock) and clicking Shutdown, Stop, Disable or anything similar. Windows Firewall can be disabled by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall and turning it off from there, don’t forget that you have firewall disabled which means your computer is vulnerable and can be infected during this state so it’s highly recommended you don’t do anything else(Yes, even browsing) until installation is done. When it’s finished, it’s time to re-enable your firewalls, this can be done in a similar fashion as to how you disabled them.

Another method is to configure your firewall to allow the web installer to download the required files instead of shutting your firewall completely.

Online Alternatives Of course, if you can’t install it to the computer you are using and you really need to login, then there are some online alternatives that works like YM itself; Simply login your yahoo account in any of the following: Meebo, Yahoo Web Messenger or Chikka and start chatting right away.

You can also chat with your cellphone through a multiplatform cellphone app called Fring or go to yahoo and check out the other platforms there.

If you are a chat person with many different IM accounts (Jabber, MSN, AOL, etc) then I would _highly_ recommend you to try one of these multiple IM applications: Pidgin, Adium(Macintosh Only) or Digsby

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