How to: Save the World.

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It’s not a misconception. It’s true, we can save the world by ridding the world of IE6. You can help!

Kill Upgrade Internet Explorer 6. Save the World.

In fact an entire nation is already joining the cause to prevent further casualties. Some users are about to kill, others are dying and only a few is doing something about it. How about you? Where do you stand? How can you be a part of this perfect utopia we are all dreaming of? If you’re a web developer then you can find out how in this link. WordPress owners can install this plugin im using or you may also opt for it’s more forceful cousin. If you’re an artist then you probably know what to do.

Oh and if that didn’t got you convinced, even Microsoft is joining the cause.

Update: I’m truly honored! Looks like my post got to the list of websites who’s part of the Stop IE6 Movement. Although, I hope all the websites listed there have an Internet Explorer 6 Upgrade popup similar to this website installed. Simply ranting about how IE6 sucks isn’t good anymore! I urge everyone to up the ante!

Note: This title’s name is formerly Save the world by upgrading Internet Explorer 6 but i’ve decided that Save the world is a plain more interesting.

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