Versus Mode: The best free SMS services in the Philippines reviewed

Welcome to Versus Mode, a place where I pit only the strongest against each other. Today’s match is a battle for free online SMS supremacy: KuripoTxt vs Davao Directory SMS vs Chikka

Let’s kick things off with the ever popular sms service, Chikka.



Chikka is definitely the top dog when it comes to sending your SMS in the Philippines, there are two ways to send your messages: Chikka Software(which I won’t be discussing here) and Chikka’s Web-based Application.

Chikka’s interface resembles the feel of your usual IM application giving your that familiar feeling. Using it is very simple as well, simply register in their website, wait for your password from chikka and start sending messages right away. The only catch here is when you send your message for the first time your contact must reply to your chikka number in order for them to be registered, this is needed so they can continue receiving your next messages. A very notable feature of chikka allows you to login your other IM accounts as well (Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ) which may not be used much but is a welcomed feature nevertheless.

If you have relatives or friends abroad, Chikka also supports sending sms to the following countries: United States, Philippines, Guam, India, Hong Kong (Smart 1528 only), United Kingdom, Spain, Indonesia (XLcom only), Saipan and Italy.

* Replies to chikka costs php 2.50 per text


Using chikka is easy.



While just released, KuripoTxt is starting to get a name for itself because of it’s sheer simplicity and straightforwardness. Nope, no registration needed here, just visit the KuripoTxt site and start sending your messages! The catch? You can only send your messages to Globe users and a a 70 character limit. But again, in the end, KuripoTxt gets its job done.

Update: I have just received a word from KuripoTxt’s Developer and it looks like support for Smart users is on the way.

Davao Directory SMS


Would you like to send your messages with style? then Davao Directory SMS is for you, registration is optional, only being required when you need it’s phonebook features. When you visit their website, you will be greeted by a cellphone interface, simply navigate your way through the cellphone to access the different features: My Profile, Send SMS and My Phonebook. The interface is a very likable feature as it gives you that feel of navigating through a phone. Davao Directory SMS can send to multiple carriers such as Globe, Smart and Sun.

and now for the final verdict… the winner is…


These services are great for what they are, it’s only a matter of what you are needing most, if you want to send free messages fast and easy, go for KuripoTxt or DavaoDirectory SMS, if you are usually online most of the time then Chikka is the definitely the way to go.

Unfortunately, some of the other sms services didn’t make the cut since they (a) don’t work; or (b) receiving messages takes too long.

Yahoo Messenger 9 Standalone, Offline Installer

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There are times when your only option is to download the local standalone offline version of Yahoo Messenger 9.

You can easily download the latest standalone, offline installer for YM 9 by going through this link: US: PH:

Tip: If you want to download from a different country (for ex: Canada), simply change the 2 country codes in the end of the website url to your country code(in this case it’s ca for Canada): TO:

How to fix any Yahoo Messenger Web Installer related problems. The preferred method of installation is through the Yahoo messenger web installer. This is the default installer that you can get in Yahoo. In some cases, there would be hiccups that will prevent you from installing YM in your machine. The most common reason is when your Firewall is preventing the web installer from downloading the required files. An easy solution is to stop or disable your antivirus firewall(if any) and your windows firewall temporarily. You can disable your antivirus by right-clicking on it’s icon on your system tray(found on the bottom right, besides the clock) and clicking Shutdown, Stop, Disable or anything similar. Windows Firewall can be disabled by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall and turning it off from there, don’t forget that you have firewall disabled which means your computer is vulnerable and can be infected during this state so it’s highly recommended you don’t do anything else(Yes, even browsing) until installation is done. When it’s finished, it’s time to re-enable your firewalls, this can be done in a similar fashion as to how you disabled them.

Another method is to configure your firewall to allow the web installer to download the required files instead of shutting your firewall completely.

Online Alternatives Of course, if you can’t install it to the computer you are using and you really need to login, then there are some online alternatives that works like YM itself; Simply login your yahoo account in any of the following: Meebo, Yahoo Web Messenger or Chikka and start chatting right away.

You can also chat with your cellphone through a multiplatform cellphone app called Fring or go to yahoo and check out the other platforms there.

If you are a chat person with many different IM accounts (Jabber, MSN, AOL, etc) then I would _highly_ recommend you to try one of these multiple IM applications: Pidgin, Adium(Macintosh Only) or Digsby

So I have decided to Blog

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This page is under construction

Blog: to read, write, or edit an on-line journal

With the pool of blogs out there, you might find yourself wondering – “Why should I even bother blogging?“.

First, let me introduce yours truly, I am Cyber Valdez – a programmer, and a technology enthusiast but more importantly – another human being. I make a lot of mistakes and by a lot I mean… a lot. My reason for blogging is simply because I have a story to tell. Of course there is a lot of reasons to blog(or in some cases, why you shouldn’t even bother blogging at all) but mine is as simple as that.

This blog is all about that, mistakes mistakes mistakes and sometimes even triumphs.

So have you decided to start blogging as well? Or maybe you already have a blog? Care to share what made you go into that decision?