Starcraft 2 Dota Allstars Map

DotA, or Defense of the Ancients is a very popular mod originally in Warcraft 3, this article serves as a discussion for the upcoming Starcraft 2 DotA mod and Blizzard’s upcoming Starcraft 2 Map Editor.

Update 1 – 2009-04-23 :

In case you’re wondering the possibility of a Starcraft 2 DotA map, the obvious answer is definitely. Blizzard has already spoken regarding this matter and confirmed that the Starcraft 2 engine is very capable of creating DotA-like custom games (Some reports even indicated that abilities of dota heroes are already available in the map editor). For those who are excited in creating your own Starcraft 2 mods and are aiming to create something that would be on a par or even beating better than DotA, then this is your chance! Blizzard’s Starcraft 2 Map Editor was built around the possibility of creating DotA-like games. Due to the massive success of DotA, custom map building in the upcoming Starcraft 2 Map Editor is definitely going to pack a lot of features. We are already certain that leveling up, spells, items, inventory, custom abilities and heroes are all possible. For all those wondering what this means for the future of upcoming mods, remember that “Warcraft 3 have a roughly 5mb limitation, this is why if you notice, some custom maps in Warcraft 3 have a nice model for their heroes while DotA, even with it’s huge success doesn’t. With that 5mb limitation lifted, commercial-like mods is very possible. One feature im hoping for is a custom game protection to prevent theft and clones.

One very interesting thing to consider here is due to the massive popularity of Dota, it will spawn a lot of clones and even fakes pretending to be the official map. Of course, this can easily be fixed by doing a simple announcement from the official DotA website.

Update #2: 2009-04-24

No to Starcraft 2 DotA Haters

This might have fallen out of my radar for quite some time now but a very odd attempt to stop DotA-like mods is up. Though I respect everyone’s opinions, I would say that your reasons for the petition is very unthoughtful and will just hurt the quality of mods. As I pointed out in my first update, we should be very thankful for the mainstream success DotA has brought to us as it will certainly improve the quality of the upcoming Starcraft 2 mods.

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  1. 1 Rawk said at 4:25 AM on June 22nd, 2010:

    Starcraft II DotA Video =O

  2. 2 97 on metacrtitic said at 6:43 PM on August 1st, 2010:

    Project cancelled. An RPG requires a significant time investment and there has to be some sort of reciprocity. Instead we get:

    • A horrible, useless UMS system made by a complete idiot who (even if you agree with popularity sort) forgot that people may want to actually publish new versions and that a new map starting on page 96 will get played exactly 0 times ever. Or that larger and/or longer games will be played fewer times. At least you can still bot.

    • A horrible, useless ladder system. You can’t even see your ladder rank, instead all you see is that you’re in gold league and third in ‘zergling kappa’ or ‘marine zeta’. How this translates into actual performance and whether or not you’re better than your friend in ‘viking alpha’ is unknown.

    • A total lack of new features. The game is very good, very solid and a huge leap ahead since SC1 in terms of playability. But it’s still just SC1 in 3D with a handful of ‘new’ units that mostly do the same thing as removed old units.

    • Poor balance. Yep. Protoss have 50% win rate – because that’s the percentage chance that your allin cheese will work. If you can pull off a successful cannon or proxy rush, you win. If not, you lose. Meanwhile zerg were implemented so late, they’re incomplete: they lack a sense of ‘zerging’ (2 food everything except zerglings) but are still weak, have uncreative and boring abilities and half of their units are completely useless.

    • Our real name is being revealed on the forum, and within a year it’ll show up in the game too. My crystal ball predicts rewards for people registered on Facebook, too, since they signed a major deal.

    • Blatant lies. Keyboard controls have proven to be a lie. The fact that beta maps would be compatible with release is also a lie: the latest patch seems to have broken nearly everyone’s maps, many beyond repair. It’s not up yet on EU so I don’t know yet whether my maps will even (or ever) work again, but I’ve heard some ominous reports like every single trigger being broken or half of the actors being corrupted.

    I may not even buy SC2; I’ll try my competitive map when the EU server finally goes up, and if they broke the map or if it doesn’t seem likely to catch on, I’m going to skip this game. Either way, I’ll skip the expansions and Diablo 3.

    I’m not retarded. Late addition: single player maps no longer gain popularity on Bnet2.0. This makes single player RPGs pointless since they will always sit at the very bottom of the popularity list, and soon Bnet2.0 will be the only way to distribute maps. Late addition: single player maps no longer gain popularity on Bnet2.0. This makes single player RPGs pointless since they will always sit at the very bottom of the popularity list, and soon Bnet2.0 will be the only way to distribute maps.

  3. 3 James Connery said at 5:40 PM on August 25th, 2010:

    totally agree. if you look at the opensource projects, it’s obvious that where anyone is allowed to unleash their creativity great things arise. Bring it on. JC

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