This is why everyone should just settle for #2

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hershey-medium Don’t you hate it when someone tells you that you should stop because someone else is better?

One of the things i really don’t get is how someone tends to forget a person’s potential, instead they choose to go ahead and say a nicer version of: “But you suck at that, you should ask [name] since he’s better than you”. Lame.

He’s the best programmer, she’s the best artist, you’re pretty bad at that, you might as well give it to him instead, he’s the best. This is one of those things I’ve always loathed to hear. What gives? Whatever happened in being constructive so everyone can just become better? There was a time that I got insulted because a website of mine didn’t look flashy and it lacks design. Well, it’s a web application, my audience is different, i’m supporting every browser out there (yes even the dreaded IE6, but hey this was before I joined the Stop IE6 Movement), i’m using javascript to dynamically put things into place so I don’t even want to bother getting rid of that 1 pixel problem. So don’t get out of your way and tell me I suck at something when I have that everything intended that way in the first place.

This rant is not for me but for those who can’t stand up for themselves, you see, you can’t bring me down, these things fuel me, tell me that I suck at something and I will just get up tomorrow and become better than before just so you can eat your own words, but that’s the thing, not everyone thinks similarly, you think you are doing them any favor by telling them to stop just because they’re bad or someone else is better? You are not doing society any good. What’s with all the hate anyway? Where is the love?

Everyone is good at something, it’s only a matter of giving them the right comments at the right time. Sure, we all may suck sometimes but that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way. Who knows? We might be the next big thing, we only need that one little comment to have our potentials unlocked. Is your pride able to handle it when the person you said have sucked and could never be good at something turned out to be one of the greatest in a few years time. When that happens (oh and it will, you just don’t know it yet), everyone will be happy to feed your own words back to you. It’s not for anyone to decide what a person can and cannot do. Why don’t you do the world a favor and give some constructive criticisms instead, after all, you are that great right?

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